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Welcome to website of Facility Maintenance & Construction

We’re in the final stages of a refresh of the site and all content and functionality is in place….except this home page!  Please look beyond this temporary inconvenience and review the site; we’re optimistic you’ll appreciate our insights as to approach and breadth of service as well as our understanding of the inter-related  industries that rely on construction expertise.

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A very unique construction organization.

As the name implies, the product mix of Facility Maintenance & Construction of Michigan, LLC. (FM+C), is primarily commercial based.  It answers, the repeated requests voiced by facility professionals to engage an experienced and competent construction organization capable of performing projects of minor to moderate scope and dollar value yet demanding timely communication, critical sequencing and attention to detail – all performed with negligible intrusion on facility occupants and minimal burden on the client’s facilities staff.

For many years, FM+C has provided exemplary performance in this niche.

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A Template for Success – A Sound Understanding of Facility Management

Today it is essential for a premium-quality construction organization to possess a sound understanding of the inter-related disciplines of real estate, building, program, project and construction management – collectively labeled as facility management or FM.  This premise is especially true as more and more organizations lack an experienced, internal, FM presence and are forced to rely on external sources for knowledge.

FM+C has a rich history of involvement and success to many organizations the result of this understanding in FM often contributing life-cycle costing analysis, benefits of green building practices as well as designing for operations and maintenance – providing valuable strategic insights that make sense in program/project management of construction activities

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